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Monday, September 29, 2008

Raya Shopping Officially Done!

I hope..!!? errr...though looks like my mum took out her old list out. aiyak! of course, it was my own fault in the beginning not to settle everything earlier.
still life shouldn't be a bullet train ride everyday right. i need to be a sail boat once in a while. just waiting for the storm to come.
and then, battle the raging sea so that afterwards, i can have victory moments and cheers! :)

the past week, i've been settling the Aidilfitri list for me and my family. That includes, my parents, my brothers, my sis, and my nephews. Looks like this raya i played the Dresser, the Merchandiser, the the..ermm..ermm...personal shopper? whatever it's called, i'm that.
I chosed KL to shop instead of Damansara for once. Mainly because it only took me 20 mins to reach KLCC with the new highway compared to 3 hours on LDP from Puchong to Uptown Damansara!!! INSANE bukan?
I hit Pavilion (convenient betul!), KLCC, Berjaya Times Square,Lot 10, Ampang Park, Ampang Point even Danau Kota (sampai tp tak jadik coz orang mcm semut!)
All within 3 days! Giler ah. (slang irfan) ngeh2.
Sgt lama tak shopping! well, if count out UK la coz I "HAVE" to.

I wish all my friends and readers who stopped by,
Ikhlas dari sanubari ku. Maafkan semua salah silap saya ye? :)

Interesting peculiar events and coincidences happened to me during Ramadhan.
Things that I noticed without wanting or intent to. The signals and dreams. By now, I've used to the idea of universe showing signals and that my 6th sense is quite strong. Merely, signals are just the invincible connection of our entangled lives. I just need to figure out what it is. As usual.

Here's one story.
I wrote before UK that I was in a small accident. So when i was in UK, my dad's driver settled Estima. My mom made sure everything inside was cleaned before that. When I got back from UK, Estima was delivered back to us, fixed and totally washed inside and out.
That was 4 weeks ago.
Yesterday, i picked Lya from Ampang, and as soon as she sit next to me, she screamed!
There laid at her feet, an Avon Lipliner!LOL.
She told me that it was hers and that she's been looking for it since MAY! the last time we had a function @ PWTC.
Note, it wasnt mine, it wasnt my family's.
Then I thought, how weird that this thing just appeared out of nowhere. And that its Lya's?
Rezeki Lya kn.... :)

I've uploaded some more photos into my Deviantart.
I'm writing kad raya too..lama tak buat.
My family will be in Mersing for raya, as usual. But maybe not Terengganu for the 1st time :(

Safe journey everyone!
Take care!

~ apiqness + irfanness ~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

All Those Pretty Lights

in the sky, in your eyes, on your fingertips, in the clouds of your wonders - igniting the spark in your heart.
I feel more like myself at the moment.

Aidilfitri is coming. What does it mean to me? That the calm and blessings of Ramadhan is almost over. The preciousness of nighttime will change back to normal. Long season of rolling with the flow of life. Floating. Easier ways of falling from grace. Cause Ramadhan punches a blissful breeze into our heart. We tend to control our mischiefs. How strong this Ramadhan is. Just because what lies beneath.
So saying goodbye to it? Sad. This year especially.

However, to those who 'won' Ramadhan, celebrate your victories this Aidilfitri.
To me, you know how blessed you are. How tough you are. How hard life is.
Also how goodness still pulses through your veins and people's.
That's good news right? Given the state of the world today. The world is in various troubles!
So Don't close your eyes people!

All Those Pretty Lights comes knocking at the right time in my life.
Clearly, by now, you can figure out how Songs are actors of my storyline.
They tend to fall on my lap from nowhere sometimes.
( thank you Universe!)
Like this particular artist, added me on Myspace.
This is the 2nd Myspace musician I promoted here in my blog.
I sense Big things for him. All The Best! :)

New Upcoming Musician : Andrew Belle
EP : All Those Pretty Lights.
Website :Andrew Belle on Myspace

my Review - get your hands on it! the lyrics are gems. the EP is a window to a promising future.
" we got stars in our eyes, see how they burn, see how they burn - In Your Sleep "

~ feel like myself, more ~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Round of Life Coming Up!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Album. Period. Cause I was able to listen to the whole album while editing 10 times straight already! And i can't wait to share it here at my beloved blog. ngeh2.
I'm a musical person. It can build or disturb my system. Especially, crap music is a BIG NO NO while i'm driving. It drives me to sleep pretty quickly and can get me in a crappy mood too. Heh.

Anyway, did you guys noticed the full moon these past few days? Subhanallah. Gorgeous ok!
Lagi2 Ramadhan. pergh! And this morning, I saw the Red Rising Sun! it was so low at first. Then it goes up in the middle level of the Putrajaya Mosque. Subhanallah. It was brilliant. Urgh! nope, zero photo cause my tripod is in a ship from UK now. uwaaaa!

Carnival Ride is an excellent choice of phrase to describe life itself don't you think?
It's colorful, exciting, scary, up, down, spins, make you scream, go crazy, chirpy, bounded, enter and fall, bla bla bla...Like a roller coaster ride or those funny mirrors room, which can never seem to stop the phobia of some or excites enough, with boredom potential. Happened, happening or will happen, One time or another.

Back to the album :
My favourite tracks : So Small (below), Wheel of the World, I Know You Won't, Last Name.

What you got if you ain't got love
the kind that you just want to give away
It's okay to open up
go ahead and let the light shine through
I know it's hard on a rainy day
you want to shut the world out and just be left alone
But don't run out on your faith

'Cause sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand
What you've been up there searching for
forever is in your hands
When you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else
seem so small

It's so easy to get lost inside
a problem that seems so big at the time
it's like a river thats so wide
it swallows you whole
While you sit around thinking about what you can't change
and worrying about all the wrong things
time's flying by
moving so fast
you better make it count 'cause you can't get it back

Going to School 1882 Jules Bastien-Lepage
(do not own this image)

~ artsy, nephews, salute! ~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ramadhan 08 so far

has been wonderful. Soaking the manfaats all in. hmmm...
Anak2 buahku are here for a few days its been fun having them around.
My brother's bday was last Sat. We got him a pretty cool all black watch. He loved it. yey!
Then Raya preps, family plans getting me into a joyful mood.

Baru lepas sahur, so before waiting Subuh, i feel like writing.
I'm staring at the painting postcard i got from Scotland. It's one of my fav piece now.
It made me feel alive. I feel more artsy lately. Which is hard to explain in words.
Just hope i could turned this aura into some kind of piece soon.

Editing photos at the moment is taking longer time, i need Photoshop in this PC asap.
Bigger screen wld be a plus too.hmm...but i need the money to buy charger for my camera's battery. I miss u! huhuhu...

I managed to watched Lipstick Jungle for the 1st time. Its really empowering since it shows real life+work dilemma more than the shoes. :)
Prison Break is ON again! Yey! Awesome.

There's one Big Q floating in my head right now. Something new, but i rather not splatter it out.
Massive work needs to be done 1st.

One step at a time?.. ;)

~ next please! ~

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Shocking isn't it? That i would talk about this which is freaking far from my usual post.
I had an earlier sahur just now, so now im just waiting for my perut to turun. ^_^

FB-ing, browsing through Neene's wedding albums. Long relationship that finally made it. :)
Sayang i couldnt make it. I really would love to. But since i was in the UK and i have no useful superpowers. So tht memory goes bye-bye.
(Note to self : Pray not to missed friend's wedding again!hhuhuhu)

Weddings is a beautiful life path. One which i personally feel is a blessing to be able to have that.
Of course, so many things are. Blessings comes in different forms.
Looking through weddings photos, i see FAMILY.
How it all is about Family. Creating new ones. Making old ones stronger.
With different shape of future awaits.

Then i read another of my friend's journal. His wedding was cancelled aside from losing his job and building a new business. Hmm..there goes my happy thoughts.

Then it reminded me of another of my close friend. Who met her new love, who was engaged. At time when love founds itself in stranger time. Unravelled that his old relationship wasn't working, truthfully.

Weddings not marriage.
To write about marriage is another thing completely of course.

What i meant to write is that, lately, especially this Ramadhan, a few of my male friends keeps asking me to find someone. One who felt sorry and want to make a mission out of it.
One suggested that I should walk around at Pasar Ramadhan?! so that i'll find the one? LOL.
One today, asked if i brought back guys from UK.
One, months ago, congratulated me on my weddings out of the blue, assumed based on my general statement, " guess what, i have something big to share." What else kn? Huh.

Please note. These are guys concerned about my singlehood.
Don't get me started on my female friends and family members!!!

See, i view weddings as a chance to have my own family.
Marriage is sharing that dream and make that life the best ones possible.
Being in love while at it, is a luxury.
Loving your kids is eternal duty.

See, i have a family now. I felt and carry the work. I love with all my heart. I sacrificed a lot. And i still fight to stand on my own to quickly run and grab parts of my personal dream as much as i can. Because, that's what singlehood is all about right?!Yourself?!
But do singlehood comes with juggling family stuff??? No.
Mine does.

I do love to have another family of my own someday.
(Wow. another big one)
I do want to be in love doing that too. :)
Come what may.
Sunshine always welcome.

p.s: and friends. I love you all for your concern. really!!!
it's wonderful to have ppl who cared. made life more worthwhile.

~ blessed ~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding the truth with Science

A 16 years old French girl from DA, messaged me and mention that she hoped that the experiment in France yesterday will not cause the end of the world.
We were initially casually exchanging thanks for our artworks.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the general fuss she'd given me so.. what else? I Googled 'em.

Apparently, it was a Physics Experiment revolving around a machine created to detect the 'God's particle' (some call em). Finding it will help to explain the other dimension exist in our world. Will also explained further or changed the Big Bang Theory.
Some were against this, saying it might create a black hole! Hence. my Da fren's cry for not wanting to die young!

At this, i thought about "Ghosts",malaikat, makhluk ghaib etc. The unseen but well known presence that we believe in.
Which then reminded me of the book i read, " The End of Mr.Y ".
Also, once my uncle told me about his PHD friend in the US, who told him, that the study of the paranormal has already started, scientifically. Like a university course.

I admire deeply people who pursue and fight to find the truth.
But not with an unacceptable cost. Then again, Life is Cause & Effect.
Some we can control, and some we leave it at faith.
Some decision, even at the fullest deepest thought, can go sour.
Like a sudden death, that doesn't make sense.
In Islam, that's Qada' & Qadar. Humans never will know better than Allah.
But that does not mean, we should stop pursuing what we believe in.
And stop learning from different angles.

~ oh, Beautiful Gift : Life ~

Here's articles/news of the experiment :

Monday, September 08, 2008

Beautiful Strangers

I just finished trying to kill my sister! Annoying when she does the voice " Get a Grip, Grandma!"
heh. Take that! pow! n that! haiyak! (dust my hands) there. now she's all little like marshmallow.HAHAHA...kidding.i love her. :)

my right wrist hurts. (teringat reenee..hmm..berjangkit?). don't know why really.

I'm back to my usual daily life. Home, DA-ing and always in check with my sister's studies. SPM soon for her. US Open final's today. Rafa respectably lost to Andy Murray. :| darn rain!
AND Andy isnt English. He's Scottish and doesnt like we get it wrong. :)

ooohh...Scotland. (UK memories!!!)
well, i've finally sorted out my DA account. Uploaded few shots. Then, stumbled upon another DA artist and coincidentally he's from ABERDEEN! small2 world. So we got on chatting a bit.
And he went to the Fringe Festival.Twice. (jealous!)

this got me thinking of strangers i met there.

The Liverpool Levi's girl.
She was the 1st modest,helpful and friendly store help i've met in UK!
no seriously, their "attitude" isnt like at home. They made you put back the jeans you tried on back to it's hanger! OMG! and it is so hard to get eye contact/smile/diplomatic gesture.
It made me appreciate shopping in Asia! Here we're treated 'luxuriously' which fits the idea of a shopping=pampering! From my tiny experience, generally, thats London.

oh! and once, we went to this petite French cafe, and the waitress was so rude!
we asked for ice coffee. she said no (eye on the air!). then another guy swoop in, and did a fake super friendly talk and offered us to taste their new iced blended.
at the same time, rolled his eyes to the girl, an act of disaproval of her.
I had my inner evil laugh at this girl.
Obviously, she wasnt english. ( happened much??? mmmmmaybe!)

But, out of London, is where "non-cool" people really are.
Real people.
One time, I was walking into a store, a man stopped, and let me pass through first, With Hand Gesture! waaah..felt like a real lady!

And i was stopped in front of Edinburgh Starbucks, cause these 2 americans wants to take picture wit me! I lmao inside. Weirdos. One of them, started talking, LOUDLY, how we, Starbucks Consumers are contributing to garbage=another world problem.etc.
While he was babbling, i cant help but smile at how bored he must be.
He continued talking to others inside the shop, but people's faces weren't as friendly and shaked their heads off.
Then, he said "i don't want to start a long political debate now, i'll go".
He then asked us to thank our friend for "making garbage".
So i replied with a wide grin, " thanks for your sarcasm!"
"This is the truth! " he said smilingly.
"OK! Whatever. Bye! " happily i responded.

Funny cheerful bored guy.
There's time and place for things right people?

~ smiling to myself ~