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Monday, December 31, 2007

The End of Harry : The Deathly Hollows

it matter so little that i knew beforehand,although accidently, that Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley in the last book of Rowling.

I finished it in two days.In fact,just read the last sentence for the first time, "All was well.", 5 minutes ago.

I felt like i had grown with Harry through his course of life as the Boy Who Lived, and Chosen.

But i dont want to express thoughts on all,just the last book.

I found it that i finally understands Harry's world as merely the courage of a person to live. Which he extraordinary managed to keep doing without fail since young age.Most teenagers in reality,chose the easy way out.Taking path that promises nothing good.That lead the pain,become the excuse to simply stop trying to live better.

Deathly Hollows,although,excruciating full of pains and suffering,i could only understand little how to lose someone we love to death.That even though, it seems after a number of deaths, its unbearable, but honestly made life full of meaning. That the love ones that still alive,that we who is well n alive, are the ones, still in need to live.

I felt at times i wanted to throw the book on the wall.At times,i felt like my heart wanted to scream so much but when its ready to explode,the world fall flat.Frustrating indeed.And by the end,its perfectly clear,that humans are capable to live for love.
Love that embodied such bigger meaning than our own gain.
At the same time,it is our right to have it,to feel it,to find it.

Friends,families,even in enemies,lies the grey.
That with love, lights can flick even in the darkest heart.
what tested us,is the thing we choose to love.

Love of powers over others?
Self-love by comparing others as less equal?
Love towards pain?Love towards courage?
or Love for one another?

In more matured perspective,life is full of love.
As far as im concern,it lives in me.
As strong as this is, i think i can somehow manage to step forward.
Cause,after everything, Allah had promised the eternity life for those who fight for Allah's way,
that "All was well", in the end.

What a revelation!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Miss Brandi Carlile and her stories to tell

infectious.the perfect word for her.
Bought her new Album few months ago from a music store in OU,
but it took me lil weeks after tht to really enjoy it.
After i did go through it,track by track,i get the flow.
Its really quite amazing.

The album called 'The Story'.And its about life and living for it.
And i love how the album starts wit the song, Late Morning Lullaby.
Though, her 1st Single release is track 2, The Story.

lyrical wise like,
"with weight upon my chest and ghost upon my back"-Late Morning Lullaby,#1.
"all of these lines across my face,tell you the story of who i am"-The Story,#2.
"if you only knew my mind is full of razors"-My Song,#4.
"we go to waste like wine,they turn to Turpentine"-Turpentine,#3.
"i have seen your 9 to 5,wash away your dream" - Until I Die,#10.
she gets me thinking which is exactly what i prefer.^_^

melody wise, its really something that get you humming without realizing it afterwards.
it happens to me :)

band info,she and these twin brothers,they're gr8.i dont know how they played live sounds,but in Nov 2007,they did play in Australia.shoot.missed tht.oh well.

Actually,she previously have songs in TV series Grey's Anatomy, 'What Can I Say' and in the movie Sisterhood Travelling Pants, 'Closer to You'.(where i discovered her).
and im delighted tht i decided to check her out.
click here to her Website

xx nysh~
oh btw, HAPPY 2008!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Reason

The Reason behind this Song Blog.
Is it really just about a good song to recommend?
Well,firstly of course it is.
But i would like to share thoughts on this.
I havent updated lately.Been busy troubling myself wit endless troubles.
Anyway,here it goes.

Some people wrote thoughts on current issues, so that ignorance from some of us can be shake off.
To let us know, that they care and they think more than others.
That they aren't simply floating this earth in a self-centered way.
That our feelings and troubles mattered less than reality of everyday life.

And this is why lyrics/songs come to play.

To me, its a Tool to release the burdening inner quarrel.
It can then clear up the way for Reality.

Denying the need of humans to remain where they are comfortable, is wrong.
Then again, it is fate that even in the calmest weather, disaster awaits its turn and the cycle continues-never ending.
Of course there's an ending. After life-the eternity.

It boils down to one endless fight-keep reaching for the comfort zone.
Every time you win, you have greater capability& experience to show others the way.
And Allah will keep sending new test.And again we fight and learn,then teach.

It is when we stop reaching for comfort zone and stop teaching, that the world keeps becoming impossible to live in.

So songs are just one of the tiny way I saw that can help us reach that comfort zone.
Coz its human made.Human stories and fights.Things we can relate to.
Presented in a simpler - indirect way.
Its jst a tiny tiny thing that brighten the heart and opening up the mind.

So keep washing the inwards thoughts away..and look around!