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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


was I?
maybe. it's a possibility.
What am I talking about?
the Past.
Sometimes, people who are a sensitive radar like me, tend to think about the Past more than I should.
For me, it's just about remembering the struggle I've had overcome, defining what I am Today and what I am capable to be Tomorrow.
Sometimes, I surprise myself.
So, No regrets.

Since all the TV shows actors are on holiday and all the program start next year.
So I've picked the show LOST.
I've never seen it.
So far, it's so good. I understand why people like it.
The survivals, struggles, hard decisions, the haunting past, the magical island that holds an unknown territory - all in extreme situation.
I think it's brilliant.
But I'm still on Season 1 episode 15.
And Evangeline Lily is gorgeous :)

Besides Lost,
I found this phrase from Polyvore and I think it's hilarious! LOL

Sparkle you fool, Sparkle!'s going to be a classic.

~ my way, all the way ~

Friday, December 26, 2008

Blank Month

December is ending.
No post at all huh?
I could write my philosophies according to what I learned, (which I did but decided not to post them).
So here it is. New post.

Dear coming Maal Hijrah and 2009,
Alhamdulillah for the possibility of loving the life given.
Even after the deep battle, I am still here.
And I wish to share my glorifying moment of thought.
From now until the end, my friends, I want to continue loving.
And keep what matters, matter.
Thank You for choosing to fit in my little world.
It's a blessing not to live alone.
(this also goes especially to the Deviantart Community, I heart you guys!)

"The measure of love is to love without measure" - author unknown. (anyone knows?)

dedicating 'YOU' by Take That from their new album The Circus.

~ one and only, with all my heart ~