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Monday, April 30, 2007

driving lane...

another quick run from reality..did not bite.
although, the past few days..i have loads of mosquito bites all and there!
huh..dah lama tak kena gigit nyamuk.
its just that, since last month..KL is a rain heaven.
so when i spend this week di Kuantan..its damn hot!
serious..tdur pun..berpeluh

the driving has been fun and inspiring..i have few shots i took,as a learning process..but dhuh!obviously, i had to surrender to Photoshop for enhancement.
my Sony cam..can do wonder when i never expected..but i am still exploring my cam..
lately my steady hands is off a bit..nk pegang cam still pun payah..dunno y.

well, this driving lane of mine..the open road..and my fav music..inspires.

here's a few experimental shot stock
since im a newbie..i tgh learn the technical stuff
but is for fun..and sometimes fun can be art too?hehe..
my actual edited photos collection ada kt DeviantArt
(click on it under list of my sites on the right of this blog)
Tunnel Genting Sempah

Miss Echah
so im back in kl.
loads of stuff to do..not to mention ideas need work to be born.
my shopping mood dh kurang although ada la org tu..sambung menyambung shopping spree dia! hehehe..


Monday, April 23, 2007

Japanese Food Crave Finale

The Crave is passed.
Had a short period of 'jalan-jalan cari makanan luarbiasa'...hehe..
While i was in Wellington, Japanese Restaurants are for formal occasion gatherings.

But at home, a splurge for a once in a while eating outing with friends is good to have & i recommend that to anyone! takkan sepanjang tahun mamak, hehehe..(not that i hate mamak..i do love the lepaking at mamak thang)

Unwinding with few good friends these past few days turns out pretty cool.

I watched one of the funniest movie i really like ; "Wild Hogs".
My kind of comedy, smartly witty, with honest and loving characters, wrapped in an open road adventure geared up with cool confident attitude.

From the start of me crashing at a friend's place for a quick run from reality, I start having Japanese food cravings.

I fulfilled that at Genki Sushi. Had a marvelous taufu+chicken ( i love taufu).
But I was not BRAVE enough to try the Squid!
Bravo to k.Eera!!!
And of course Lya the Queen of it all..haha..she ate jellyfish!
While me n Is...hahaha..we cant even stand the Raw Salmon!hahahaha...

squid raw salmon

A flea market visit with a splendid weather, Malaysians around, with rows of restaurants at each sides, and crowded some more with a promo show with celebrities and games.
Sounds hectic?
Well, add up my shopping spree to that!
I love Mango.

But it doesnt just end this way, there's a hidden fate.
I met HANIM!!!! in a very outburst and totally unexpected way!hahaha..
I miss her.
And i get to kiss her Sarah! ( she's so cute!)

There's an ironic part too, they were enjoying drinks at Robert Harris.
A NEW ZEALAND finest cafe.

Altogether one cool pack.

Oh, since i am now watching Gilmore Girls Season 6, i realized their episode titles are very long and weird..haha..So if all the stories i told above could be an episode???
I'll put the title as "Refresh!Refresh! start with Japanese Food"

cause i am simply refreshed.
now i hope some work can be done.

thnks guyz!
HANIM miss ya!
Lya! u're a gr8 fren.Thnx for letting me crash&relax.

Life is Good.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Landed on Positivity : Scandinavia Research Encounter

I know some of my friends know about my trip plan.
It's plan for this May. Good to have a working progress plan, but i can only hope and see.
It's not really a big trip or anything, only 10 days of sightseeing and i'll be scheduled the whole time anyway. Its not like i'll be exploring each country in Scandinavia.
For those who's not familiar (i know i didn't)

Scandinavia ( North Europe) consists of countries of
1. Denmark (Copanhagen) with national language ; Danish
2. Sweden ( Stockholm) with Swedish (largest country among others)
3. Norway (Oslo) with Norweigan-a northern Germany-
4. Finland ( Helsinki ) with Finnish
5. Iceland (
Reykjavik )with Icelandic

my travel list excludes iceland...gr8! coz i hate cold places.

Among all the countries above, today I was particularly researching about Sweden.
OFFICIAL NAME : Kingdom of Sweden
Photo: / Richard Ryan

Anyway, I have something to share while i was occupied with research.
I wanted to know how Islam is doing there. Like people's acceptance, government policies, just general views of the everyday Muslims there.

They have CASTLES!!! aahh! even from 11th century! Damn old & very intriguing.
Google ,'list of castle in Sweden'..voila!

( Kalmar Castle, South of Sweden)

The language..even the general greetings? Very hard to pronounce!!!
Say this ---> "Namen!" (what?!) and "Jo" (yep : its pronounce noise is like you are slurping !)
Erm, what else. Oh...they love drinking COFFEE!!! ( common i guess in Europe )
Monarchy with Lutherans as major religion.
The lights there is unique so its a good place for photographers.
Living Moose.hehehe...
The landscapes?amazing!

After browsing the obvious, I look more about Islam there in Sweden.
And i found it normal, that many accepts and many just plain arrogance.
Then i found this article titled : "Islam is and will be a European Religion"
Its a long read, but i was glad that i read that.
It was posted today.

here's the link :

That's all!

Anyway by Martina McBride

You can spend your whole life building
Something from nothing
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great, but sometimes life ain't good
When I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway

This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe
That tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway

You can love someone with all your heart
For all the right reasons
An in a moment they can choose to walk away
love 'em anyway

You can pour your soul out singing
A song you believe in
That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway, sing it anyway

I sing
I dream
I love

Since the 1st time I heard this..i smiled.
And i still smile whenever i hear this.
The lyrics are written by Martina herself.
I never thought a word "anyway" can give so much impact.
The video is real as it gets,of our everyday struggles.
nothing i can say that will say enough of how much i adore this song.
I can only smile.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

rainy days oh rainy days

i wish i can upload 'the smell of rain'..
the past 3 weeks, the rain just keeps on pouring every evening.
no,not complaining a bit.
i like rain.

like any other weather, rainy days specifically can gave me time to do things like
~ going down memory lanes by browsing ol' photos
~ playing with my nephew
~ cleaning up my room
~ opening my window and let the rain smell caught everything
~ read
~ think ideas
~ draw
~ enjoying a hot cup of tea / coffee ( this changes cause i can't drink coffee everyday!)
~ on the net

most of these happened cause rain also gave me these
~ no ASTRO = no TV
~ no need to wash the car
~ driving in a rainy evening when this is KL???!!!
~ it's too wet for outdoors
~ even shopping mall is a gr8 hang, still u need to drive there kn kn?

pointless as this is;
i come up wit something to write didn't i?
not just that actually, i managed to wrote a new poem, exaggerate this blog, updated my Deviant Art..
but i think i better go and finished up my portfolio that is too long overdue!!!

p.s: Life is Good

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Could Get Used To This by EVERLIFE

I love this song very much.
I think its sweet.

A dozen roses arrive
What a perfect surprise
You greet me with a kiss
I could get used to this

You think that I look the best
When my hair is a mess
I can't believe you exist
I could get used to this

Because you know you're too good to be true
I must have done something good to meet you

'Cause you wrote my name all across your hand
When I freak you understand
There is not a thing you miss
And I could get used to this

I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
I've lost the reflex to resist
And I could get used to this

You love the songs I write
You like the movies I like
There must be some kind of twist
I could get used to this

Because you listen to me when I'm depressed
It doesn't seem to make you like me less

'Cause you wrote my name all across your hand
When I freak you understand
There is not a thing you miss
And I could get used to this

I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
I've lost the reflex to resist
And I could get used to this

If there's a dark side to you I haven't seen it
Every good thing you do feels like you mean it

You wrote my name all across your hand
When I freak you understand
There is not a thing you miss
And I could get used to this

I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
I've lost the reflex to resist
And I could get used to this

'Cause you wrote my name all across your hand
When I freak you understand
There is not a thing you miss
And I could get used to this

I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
I've lost the reflex to resist
And I could get used to this.


A Quote from David Blaine :

"Those who complain about missing a meal or being bored; you have never really suffered or witnessed your loved ones face death, smiling in your arms. I hope you are so lucky one day."

AXN Channel has been showing his reruns..I never paid attention really cause i have no interest on the world of a master of deception.

One rainy evening, (it has been raining every evening for the last 4 days), i watched his show for the first time. Of course, its an amazing show cause you know how could it not when the stunts are almost unrealistically insane.
Who would live 3 days Standing in an ice box without food?
He did.

Not that i totally think this is impossible..since we have many stories of people who survived after days lost in the ocean.

What bugs me is that, HE could actually float!!!!!
Explain that?
Very the giler..perhaps he learned some advanced human theory???
cheh!or he has invincible friends to help him?
or that our eyes perception is altered somehow?

So i check his website for fun. Actually i wanted to know his background.
How he grow up n stuff.
There's a pictures of his mother, very beautiful!
Later I found the quotation above.
And it bug me since yesterday.

I do have some thoughts.
We never "bersyukur" with what we have cause we are so obsessed on our problems,imperfections or want list.
Yet,these things that made many of us keep on living.
Cause we have the opportunity to do so.
I dont live in an active war land.
I dont live on the streets.
I can buy any food i want.
hmm....For now....

I guess the quotation means to me that, if we do suffered whatever Allah gives us to bare..its because we are lucky enough to have them.
That we are woken from losing to our obsessions.
That we never learn enough even if we run a kingdom.

See it as a 'Friendly Reminder'???
maybe that will take off some pressure.

Still, David Blaine is a human too.
Nothing more.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sleep On Needles by Sondre Lerche

Ask me anything you like
I'll reveal everything
I will treasure the truth
You could know anything
I am but a fool to play unaware of things
If I'd treasured the truth
I would tell it to you
I'm coming down to tell you what I know
To say what's real, to let you know
Where I have been and how I had to

Sleep on needles
You'll believe you are hard
Sleep on needles
And hear only the truth

Am I likely to succeed with the way things are?
Judging by your smile
You are holding something back
I'm sleepless around midnight
There's a change in the wind
The remembrance of things you used to hold back
I come around each time your notes are high
To tear you down and drag you up
To let you know what's going on while I

Sleep on needles
You'll believe you are hard
Sleep on needles
And hear only the truth

cute ain't he?
and he does look a bit like Markie from Take That!
fancy? check him ere : http://www/

reveal less surprise more

i figure change is a fresh air for this blog.
can't say that i haven't have my share of thoughts in the web..but i can't say i have either..
*reveal less

doesn't mean i haven't talk my mind aloud before.what?
*surprise more

ok here's a thought;

Art is an emotion channel. What catches you and grab you in its claw, you are trapped in its projection. You can run away if you want. Doesn't matter, cause for the split second you look twice at it. It's alive for that time. Even it is lost forever from stream of trillions thoughts, nothing ever meant to last anyway. Hence art is life. It changes. And it has multiplicity.

So have different thoughts..cause it sure inspired mine.