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it is SO much prettier! ^_^
thanks for stopping by all this time. appreciate much! X

Friday, February 27, 2009

Presenting LadyHawke from NZ!

OMG! i didn't have a clue she was from NZ even lived in Wellington for some time.
this is truly a fantastic coincidence of "connection".
see, i told ya the "connection" always finds me. ^_^

i heard this song from a pv friend from australia.
Totally love the song My Delirium. been listening to it non stop since yesterday!
will be checking out her album when i get back from my weekend trip to Kuantan.

here it is!
Official Website :

~ pap pap parra

remembeR err err?

remember UBER? the site i was excited about few months ago?
huge bummer when it was shut down.

now I am a Tumblr.
born today.
excited with all the potentials.

check it out :

~ scribblings.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love at first Preview

The Fray self titled album kidnapped my heart to a place I have been missing for a while.
It feels good to be with the melody and to be able to 'sing' again.
Last night, I went to and previewed their latest album.
It got me so excited, that I bought it today.

I LOVE IT! really do. instantly, it's in my fav album of all time list.
10 years from now, I will still love it.
The album, reads like a story book. The design is brilliant. It was all connected to the songs, lyrics & voice. I sit and read, and listen, all at the same time.
(haven't done this since high school!) .
Reached the end, there were tiny tears in my eyes.
Perhaps, I'm around that time.
Which is good, considering I need to refuel my passion with inspiration.

Looks like, the "connection" found it's way to me again.
I think no one understands what the heck I am saying but that's ok.
It's unseen for a reason.

Few days ago, while I was driving and stopped at a red light. There was a bird on top of a row of bushes. Parallel to my driver seat window, I observed it's behavior. The red/black bird struggled on its feet to drink the flowers. It looks painful, I thought. but maybe the bird feels nothing because I assumed the feet must be thick and hard that the bushes sharp branches couldn't have hurt it.
Then, the bird lost its balance, fell down into it and disappeared from my sight!
Then the light changed to green.
Continued driving, I thought.
No matter what ones first thought formed based on clear view and knowledge, people and life surprised us at our most sincere pure moment.
It shakes us. It made me feel that nothing is permanent.
It feels good to know that there are mysteries and more to be discovered.
To be able to, is actually one of Allah's gift.

~ grateful for the deeper sight.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mode : Fresh

Kelly Clarkson : my life would suck without you

~ after all, restart, refresh, different.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

never settle for 'just good'

when it could be worth much more.
i try to always keep that in mind in my everyday life decision making.
of course it's exhausting.
sometimes too much, to think and do.
always seem to derailed from being the best of me.
but i can rest when i'm dead.
life have so much more to give, while i am still here.

Enjoy 'I'm Not Over' by Carolina Liar.

~ packing for grandparents weekend.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

thanks sis for 'forcing' me to listen to "David"

it happens sometimes.we unconsciously got cuts and wonder why.
i got one on my left index fingertip. ^_^ LOL.

i gotta say, David Archuleta's pop album is very good. his voice itself is amazing enough.lucky boy.
Here's one of my fav song from that album, "My Hands". Enjoy!

~ wondering when will Jojo make a new album.