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Monday, October 29, 2007

Faith with Faith Hill's Paris

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Faith is Freedom.

cause with Faith we Berserah to yang Maha Esa.
and that is what we do to find a bit of peace from the war within our heart.
to break free from questioning why things happen.

quote from my uncle
"we are merely playing/acting our parts for the storyline that Allah already written to us. Our hearts has 2 sides, in constant war. If Allah wants to close our heart, not even Muhamad can open it. It it wants it to open,then no one can close it. So don't question why things happen. Berserah. cause only Allah knows best."

~only Allah knows best. ~ with this thought, my worries almost disappear.

with Raya Mood and Mode almost come to an end, i figure to write stuff like the above is sort of related. so yeah. hope my faith and yours grow stronger from today.

I love Faith Hill. I totally love her album Fireflies. kinda shocked me tht i never put it in here.
although,it reminded me of my first car breaking last year,where the thieves stole my dad's car stereo with Fireflies album in it!!!!!and last week i look for it in store but cldnt find it.

its a great can always play it as years pass by.
the lyrics are so beautifully written.
and her voice is soothing.

so here's the last song in the album called "Paris"

The train pulled into Paris like a rocket to the moon
The station's like a circus every face is a cartoon
Everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne
Tonight this joie de vivre sure don't live up to its name
And now all that i can say
Is i'd give this world to you
Every rock and every stone every masterpiece in Rome
And if you asked me to I'd steel the Mona Lisa, tear it up in little pieces
And lay them at your feet
For all the world to see
But tonight i can't give you Paris

Aristocrats are everywhere And the air's as thick as thieves
She'd like nothing better than to steal the breathe from me
The tower's lights ain't shinin' as it hangs its head in shame
At the sight of American blood on the streets of st. Germain
Washin' up into the seine

And i'd give this world to you
I'd steal the crown and kingdom from the Queen of England
And if you asked me to I'd take this city in my hands,
break it down in grains of sand

And lay them at your feet
For all the world to see
But tonight i can't give you Paris


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Real Raya Love (taken from Myspace blog)

refer the previous post..'RAYA LOVE'
i had just tht. Happy Moments.
get the chance to meet a close fren of mine frm UK after 3 yrs was gr8!she was exactly the same as always.My friend.
Rounding up close friends wit Mufid,Tinie,Fiza & Yea was precious.
so yeah.Raya Love!


there's another kind of Raya Love.
2nite,i went to my aunt's fren's hse arnd ere,with my uncle n my mum.
2nite was cool,breezy wit little rain.just the way i like it.

nway,afterwards,we come back me n my uncle started to talk about my sick brother about Allah and the purpose of all the pain n uncontrollable situation we are pressured under.

His answers was Allah's answers.That Allah knows best of everything.
That its already written.That my heart is divided into 2.And once the heart says so.Your body follows.Cause its fate.
So Adelaide was one of my fate.Cause it was in my heart.It spoke.
So i follow.Eventhough,1000 things i worried,and giving myself 1000 reasons why i maybe shouldnt go and fight my heart.

He told me.If Allah fate u r going to Adelaide.It will happen.
So the conclusion is, BERSERAH.

so thts my word i will be thinking deeper from 2dy until i can really grasp the true meaning.which is to feel it..not just know the word. am going to BERSERAH.
cause i am so yakin than ever before,my heart to Adelaide is at the right place.
the rest, is Allah's fate for me.
im just playing my role of the story Allah sets for me.

So Berserah and dont worry,cause if we Truly Believe That Allah's Greatness is Beyond Logic.
Who am I to ponder?

p.s:i cried while listening to my was another kind of Raya Love i really really truly bersyukur i had it.

Listening to : Keep on Rising by Bent Fabric

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raya Love (taken from Myspace blog)

did i mention that i really like this blog.
main reason is bcoz, i pick the background myself from Smallville Season 6,which scene? i wouldnt tell ya.
so i will frequently be checking myspace.

this Raya Celebration atmosphere that is going on, its nice to join in once in a while eventhough there are more important things that needs attention.
I am one who like the idea of Raya cause its like a perfect excuse to run away for a while and see my good friends that i havent seen for so long.
More so to hug them and have a chat with them to catch up a little.
Cause honestly, life does not always open doors and give time for us to do this.
So a casual catch up is more than a bless.
Its something that put a smile back in.

So yeah, i urge if u have the chance to do so.Do it. Even if you meet these friends once a year. But it could give you more than you expect.
It can make some people happy and you are one of them.

Happy moments are a series of short happenings.

And i would love to have these filled my time.

Reading : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

dingin di puasa 6 (taken from Myspace blog)

pain. we all hate them and yet deep deep down we know its necessary.
we all have our own strories which none is ought to be in for a competiton with others.
its useless to do so, cause its a waste of time.
which come to the point i very much like to make, that people like to judge others from far. but what we somehow always miss to that we do not know the stories yet we act as we are know it all.
isnt that what Gossips Trend teach us to do?
such fakeness is glorified.
and yet the True Story however ugly it is never come out right.

so no matter how bad my problem is compared to the next person, i know we arent the same. i know my close friends who are there to support the stories i have in life, is there as an audience/reader to my stories.
and no matter how long my stories are..the word "THE END" will come.

The End means just that. They are stories. The past, the problem are history we repeat. In order to find answers or find some clue to our next one.

Cause truly in the End of the cycle of stories, what matters is getting up from our reading chair and open our eyes and mind for something NEW.
in other words -- LIVE.

Reading : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

let's see (taken form Myspace blog)

had money but nothing interesting to buy.kinda suck.perhaps something good will come out of it soon.or simply,it reminded myself the necessary reason for preparing an umbrella.
anyway,i thought today,how much can a person have different strikes me as something i wish i had the time to have the time to learn astronomy,then later biology and perhaps literature at some point in my life.
cause so far,i had a life with different yes,i do think its possible.
i must say,i underestimated the purpose of white space.
or the power of falling.
its kinda like the edge of a story..the turning point before the peak.
at this point,looking back..i must say its kinda unbelievable how i am now.
still own a way to refresh and to learn.
its a gift.
sure,there's always going to be gloom.
but so does bright.
however it appeared, its fair for both to exist.