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Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Wild Hope"

long time no update.
life has take quite a turn.(i am in Malaysia now)
current album music companion through the driving,the work and the thinking:)

1.Extraordinary 2.All Good Things
3. Slummin' in Paradise 4.Most of Me
5.Few Days Down (fav!) 6.Can't You Just Adore Her
7.Looking Forward 8.Wild Hope
9.Nothing You Are 10.Latest Mistake
11.Ladies Choice 12.Gardenia

All i can say about this album,it's different from her usual,
where she turns to Chantal Krevaziuk and Rachael Yamagata for input.
The band is awesome even when they played live,
eventhough i think she sound better in the album.
(you can check her msn concert for this album in youtube)
In short,a Good Car Song Sing Along.
Lyrically,a bit mature with phrases like,
"goodness is innate" "we are the season's new collection"
"pushing the blues"
"hang your work up on my wall"
"Kicking up confetti leaves" "blurring all the edges"

but a mature phase where i had passed.

I do think there's more mature stuff from other artists,
but in here Mandy is just a little grown up.Still,its 'All Good Things'.

"it's a wild hope,everything will be allright"- Track 8: Wild Hope,2007

~nothing beats a good old soul seeker,well once in a while...