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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Short Notice: NADAL vs GASQUET Shah Alam tickets for SALE!!!

putting this ad up for a short while (for googlers to have an easy googling)

Nadal vs Gasquet Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
Tickets for sale, selling tickets.

2 Tickets for NADAL vs GASQUET at Stadium Malawati,Shah Alam.
NOV 20,2007.

seat EAST M70,71.
price rm88.

interested?contact :

reason of selling? coz my bro had to give it up,due to more urgent occasion. :p
but i'll b going though :)
dun worry,i am frequently online today n 2moro to check up.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

made (taken from Myspace blog)

some is the life that makes a person.
~ like the land we live,the culture we follow.

some believe..its really up to the ones to make a difference.
~like the struggle to learn,to protest against.

some hoped..that others who care for them to turn things around when they could not.
~like sick n dying people,less privileged.

how do we make ourself - is it really entirely up to us?
or is it the duty of everyone around us to beat the life into us?

i know that it is really the question of balance of both.
but when we are thrown into a situation where we know no one can help us, or that the people around us does not want to change for better.

what then?
do we stand and shine in the middle while we are surrounded by mud-people.
do we dug deep, try not to mind the dirt of others, just to help them clean.
or really we are too,sinking, in different boat.

i try not to care so much of what life throws at me.
coz when i do, its unbearable at times.
so i try to stand aside, but it made me selfish.
to try n stand in the middle, eventually i get stuck.

the simplest answer to this is to get a New Life.
and that my friend is possible, if u have the guts and no heart to throw everything and everyone away for good.
can u?

so this is what i make out of this moment.
to laugh and cry when i could.
to be brave n scared when i could.
to love n hate when i could.

coz whenever i could do all these i can see what i am made of
a human who will never stop questioning.
and tht is a sign that i am not superior. Allah is.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

going in circles-hope


2:17 AM - going in circles-hope

y do we stand up and keep on fighting?
y do some of us did not get up at all after a fall?

there is one certainty about these 2 situation.
one reason to y it happen.


cause we hope,even in secret that things will get better.
someday,somehow, we hope it will be.
especially the ones, who did not get up.
they are the ones who hope harder than the rest.

just because the action isnt there yet, hope is there whether they realize it or Not.

if Hope sparks, keep burning it up.
soon, you'll find out y.

Listening to : How to Save A Life by the Fray

Monday, November 05, 2007

i love change

i admit..i cant stand my life staying the same too long.
i love changes.
and challenges that comes with it,before it and even while at it.
but not after it.

i still need a pause,between the next change, to breathe,to feel and to savour EVERY SINGLE THING.

i may have big pauses, its just because i have big changes.

now tht i am here at this edge of changing again,i feel so blessed and gratefully happy.this pause moment im having now,im taking in as much drops as i can.

n not to be mistaken.I HATE DRAMA.especially the drama that is worth to erase all together.

there's bigger Drama in Life,and that is the war inside us.
May i always be on the right path even if i slipped, ill be back on it again,
as i always have

Listening to : Duncan Sheik by Duncan Sheik