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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Too Too Too Fast by Ra Ra Riot

i can't stop playing this song everyday all week. it will grew on you. ^_^
the vid is a live version recorded in their attic. they are known to play super well live.

~ slept with a pencil on my hand.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

~ and you don't know what i've done

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caitlin Crosby with Flawz

read how I got to know about her --->Tumblr entry Apr 20,2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

so Followers?

so i've been playing with the idea of permanently closing this blog.
just because i'm having too much fun in Tumblr. haha.
but i got 1 follower today. a default follower! i think.
so like Twitter and Tumblr, Blogger have this too. kinda cool. so Rethinking?
i'll see how it goes.
but still, here i can babble all i want. cause i want to keep my tumblr clean and artistic.
meh. still there's babbling there too. gosh can't help it.

anyway, just want to share the song for today.

~ o^_^o catching invincible butterflies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nurturing creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert talks

I had a massive relief from hearing this particular talk.
It sums up almost Everything of my worries.
Few points rapped the clouds off my head.

it explains exactly why I have lightnings of ideas keep striking me and that sometimes my mind is in crazy need to get it out of my system in creative forms, like my writings, paintings and scribble journals.
of course all comes from Allah. I knew that deep down.
it's just that, it's really hard to grasp that doing what i do is enough?.
which i guess we all feels sometimes.
to have No Worries at all is of course present more thinking space available for something else.

so the idea of being more than you really ARE is the ego talking.
being the best of what you are able to become is functional.
that's what i get from her talk.
but of course, a source isn't sufficient.
another way of looking at it is that her idea might send a message that we can't grasp the unreachable ourselves. that we are limited. which in return, stop us from pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond or cause some Men to feel they are God.

so i can see why in Islam, moderation is ultimate.
living large in sufficient.
i need to find more knowledge on this particular way.

at least for now, i get to grip little bit more on my entire principle.
that i love to grow and learn. that is my job. my goal.

~ getting a job

Thursday, April 09, 2009

ain't no love like the one i got

7:49am 9.4.09 wake up song ---> Brand New Start by Little Joy

~ juicy fresh moments of ideas

Saturday, April 04, 2009

never go to bed angry they say

i tried to go to sleep. reading Children if Hurin. before that checking my usual net stops. no tumblr post idea yet. then i got really sleepy while thinking about my dad and his dream for me. it's an admiration how much he works for us. *sigh*
anyway, for some reason i checked my deviantart. then i read a DA friend's journal. He posted about how DA rejected to ban an art drawing of prophet Muhamad with swords in his hand and "killer" in a sentence portraying that Islam first breed of murder.
Reason : not Hate Art.
it's disgraceful. many of us, non-muslims included exploded with opinions, reasons, statements, this and that.
within all those words, it seem clear cut to me that the rule which Muslim believed in at it's core = "NO DRAWING OF PROPHET'S FACE" is exactly what "these" people used to provoke ANGER.

so now, I couldn't sleep at all! urgh! after my own feedback to that, now i'm sitting here and thinking. If this is the tactic "they" are using. the same as the comic years ago.
Why the same reaction?
So i pat myself in the back, for not replying to the guy's journal.
Instead, I just converse with others on how we agree that this "kind" still exist.
And now I'm laughing hysterically in my mind...of course THEY DO! dhuh!

what came out of this was to continue living and paint the right way for the generations before me. because, the legacy we are creating today, is what shaped them. we want LESSER humans with this "hatred mind games lovers". we want to let them grow knowing that the better way is the ONLY way. no matter how cool the Wrong seems to be.

in order to do this, WE have to Change..Now! keep the counter-attack full-on.
it's How we live our lives that matters. period. and i intend to live mine bravely and as rightly as I could. for the black potches, i need YOU to help me.

~ ya Allah, forgive all my wrong doings. amin.