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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rocked Out : Switchfoot in KL

i had a full Pre-SF day, with my lovely sis.
then met few friends for drinks.
Picked up Lya tht night too to spend the night at my home.

So 2nd Feb arrived, and somehow im nervous. heh.
So 4.30pm, we arrived at KL Convention Centre we're already at the back of the line.
my bestfren Zue, came at 6.30 and didnt believe the line is this long.cheh!
we got in...and proceed to the left stage, just below the waiting room.

2 bands instead of 1 played opening,with 4 songs each.
Love Me Butch wasnt that bad after all :)

Lovely moment no 1 :
i glanced up towards the big window of the waiting room, and i saw half of Chad's body!haha...
he was checking us out down ere.
I show him the peace sign!
and he replied back!!!
nice :)

Then, history took its steps.
Switchfoot came on stage. and...screeeeaaaaammmmssss....
I knew they're gonna be playing Oh!Gravity and Stars as the 1st two i ignore my cam and rocked myself out!
awesome 1st rush n im ready for more.

then came more of my fav tunes
This is Your Life, Gone, Politicians, Learning to Breathe, Dirty Second Hands, Only Hope, Meant to Live, Shadow Proves the Sunshine,We're Awakening
and specials of
My 'Malaysian' Dream
a lil Ella Ella Ella of Umbrella
+ a lil Beyonce
here are LINKS LINKS LINKS to my fav vids tht night :)

i sang along, jumped though my feet is killing me, hug everyone next to me, and enjoyed the music.
Jon was awesome, Chad was incredible,i couldnt fully appreciate Tim and Drew since they're almost out of my sight. But i was standing near the stage, near Jerome,who's amazing n looking humble all the how did he do tht?hehe..

Lovely moment no 2 :
Then Jon came to the left during ON FIRE and beginning of AWAKENING, hopped on the crowd, and he's almost above me! He sang with us, holding on to few ppl for balance, even borrowed a camera from someone from the crowd,took a picture and gave it back. :)
I didnt take out my cam, i took in Jon's damn near view, ignoring the fact that im crammed by screaming ppl!hahaha..

i found the exact moment vid frm youtube, here's the link :
The crowd is hype all the way till the end.
Now and then, Jon gave out his heart words, phrases by phrases.
Now and then, i keep trying to capture Jon's attention to my Heart Shaped of my Fingers.
haha...with all the Big Signs these kids bring with???

Lovely moment no 3 :
but then during one of the last Jon's phrase, he was looking at my direction, and said the word "Hearts".dont remember exactly whats been said (due to the screamings)
i was stunned and immensely satisfied! :)

moving on to the encore is of course 'I Dare You To Move' :) check out the vid i took!
its shaky i know!but the audio is gr8 :)

After show, it was one of the best feeling to let my feet relax.
The autograph session is on, i couldnt bare myself to stand in line.
So snaps from the bar is enough.

So here's few of the shots i managed to take.(the rest is in my Picasaweb album)
Please note that i sacrificed taking more n better pictures, coz all i ever wanted to do there is to rock myself out!
and i did :)

Mellow Jon

Jon Foreman

Jon's killing it

in 'I Heart KL' Tee

Chad & Drew
and these are shots taken by ZUE


autograph session, now i can see TIM!!!

there's loads of vids on this night in YouTube. go n hv a look & hv fun!

but they didnt play the song "24" :(